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(skin, bones, nerves, muscle)

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The Basic Body Plan:  Molecules Cells, Tissues

    Basic Body Plan and Embryology

    Chemistry and Molecules of Life


    Tissues:  Epithelial, Connective       

    Skeletal Tissues, Skin

The Body Axis and Limbs: Movement—nerves, muscles and bones

    Nervous System:  Overall Organization       

    Neurons and Muscle 

    Mechanics of Movement, Joints       

    Upper Limb    

    Lower Limb

The Head:  Feeding, Special Senses and Central Control

    The Skull       

    Nose, Mouth, Pharynx, Larynx

    Special Senses

    Cranial Nerves          



The Chest:  Oxygen to the Cells

    Basic Body Plan and Embryology 

    Lungs and Breathing

    Heart and Circulation

    Blood and Immunity

The Abdomen:  Nutrients to the Cells

    Gut and Digestion     

    Liver and Cell Metabolism

    Pancreas and Glucose Regulation

    Kidneys and Water/Salt Balance

The Pelvis:  Making a New Human

    Pelvis Anatomy       

    Reproduction and Endocrine Function         

    Pregnancy, Fetus, Childbirth        

    Genetics, Inheritance, Evolution

aleolus icon THE INNER TUBE
(blood, guts, kidneys, babies)

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Big Picture Anatomy is a new approach to Anatomy and Physiology that uses a "big picture" view of how our body is put together and how it functions. 
We use basic concepts starting from the ground up, along with simple pictures you can draw yourself, to make a functioning human body, in all its wonder and detail, come alive.

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