Diversity of Prokaryotes and Origin of Eukaryotes



Prokaryotes, Origin of Eukaryotes Compendium Review Wish List


1.  Review text chapters for this section

2.  Visit all web resources at bottom of this page--view articles and watch videos.

3.  Be sure your compendium notebook draft covers the following topics and concepts:






T.P. Timeline of Life--class demo 





T.P. Timeline of Life

Spreadsheet with key events

Best Online Interactive Universe Timeline ever, from John Kyrk




Prokaryotic Diversity


Silly plot 

from Bruce Railsback, University of Georgia 


Review of Prokaryotic Diversity




origin of eukaryotes schematics


From Koonin in Nature Education



 eukaryote phylogeny         eukaryote relationships with dates trimmed

from Knoll, Andrew, Life on a Young Planet


chloroplast molecular phylogeny


Web Resources


History of Life and Mass Extinctions


Snowball Earth


Major Events in the History of Life 


Endsymbiotic Origin of Eukaryotes


Lynn Marguls and Endosymbiotic Origin of Eukaryotic Organelles


More  History of Life Timelines


Histography--history events shown graphically from Wikipedia all the way back to Big Bang





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