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DNA mutations--the ultimate source of all variation?  Is mutation bad?



                                              "point" or nucleotide level                                                                                         sequence or chromosome level




Causes of Mutation



From Thurman et al article in Nature



Grappling with DNA sequence variation:  The 1000 genomes project and Integrated Map of the Human Genome




Genetic Recombination or Sex

(where DNA, cell-level and individual-level interact in parsing variation)



Bacteria do it with themselves all the time



Humans and Bacterias do it also






Meiosis, Fertilization, LIfe Cycles Sex--a wonder world for producing variability in n and 2n




Crossing Over During Meiosis

Great review article on recombination from Nature





Fertilization leads to new individual--Great review of meiosis, fertilization and Punnett Squares from U Penn.




Mendelian discrete traits and inheritance


Image result for punnett square 

Image result for color blindness inheritance

My favorite example---color blindness--make a family tree.

Great review page from Boston University School of Public Health




Population and Quantitative Genetics


From discrete genes to a normal distribution--the invention of statistics

Nice review of population genetics from Eastern Washington University


Nice review of quantitative traits and their heritability--population genetics--from Washington University




Web Resources


Variation page from UC Berkeley Evolution 101 for teachers



HHMI HOliday Lecture from Charles Sawyers on "From Cancer Genomics to Cancer Drugs"


Classic Genetics Simulator


STAR--MIT Genetics and other simulators



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