Introduction:  Basic Body Plan--Tube Within a Tube


  1. Assure you have Anatomy and Physiology prerequisites
  2. Purchase and get oriented to text and related materials
  3. Register for course and locate meeting places for lecture and lab
  4. Get colored pencils or pens for note-taking
  5. Preview text chapters, lab manual, Powerpoint presentations, web resources
  6. Print out handouts for this section of course
  7. Review crucial parts of "Getting Ready for A and P" [link--important topics] [link--my A andP]


  1. Launch Semester with Introduction to Class, Philosophy--incorporate students into class ethos

  2. Appreciate A and P as learning new language and challenges involved

  3. Become familiar with syllabus

Philosophical Intro

Syllabus and course logistics

Introductory Self Portrait Name Tags




Review syllabus for complete understanding.

  1. Learn basic vocabulary for orienteering around a human body

Basic Anatomical Terminology:  Planes and Directions

  1. Establish Basic Vertebrate Body Plan as fundamental structural organization of the human body
  2. Learn and use basic anatomical terminology for directions and planes of the body.  Apply to basic vertebrate body plan.

From a blue and yellow line to a tube within a tube

Origami Embryos


  1. See basic body construction (tube within a tube) and linings of body cavity in fetal pig and human. 
  2. Identify major organs and landmarks.

The Body Wall

Body Wall and Cavities Dissection--fetal pig and body browser


Basic Body Plan, Embryology

List of embryology websites

Great embryo images and animations

Embryo-Fetal Growth Animation

Nice images of fetuses during trimesters of pregnancy

Comprehensive mouse embryo map

Interactive Planes and Directions

Homeobox genes and the vertebrate body plan (link)

Read about homeobox genes and segmentation as fundamental or ancestral for vertebrates and many other animal groups [link]

Diffusion, Cells

Cell as City Bus Tour (see Web Resources for more): (British bus tour!)




Homeobox genes and the vertebrate body plan (link)


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