Special Senses and Cranial Nerves



Taste, Smell,

Eye Movement

Eye as Optical Device

Ear and Hearing

Eye Sagittal Section

Ear Schematic

Note-Taking Handout

Eye Muscle Simulator

Lens Simulator

  Special Senses



Trigeminal Nerve

Note-Taking Handout

Cranial Nerves









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BlindSpot Test

BlindSpot Video

BlindSpot Games

Ear Animation

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Special Senses

Cranial Nerve Testing



Web Resources


Space Sickness and the Vestibular System  from MIT

Animation showing lens focusing in near-sighted and far-sighted eye with and without eye glasses

Sound entering from external through middle ear animation

Virtual tour of the ear (more than you could ever want to know about the ear)

Nice review of cranial nerves--includes clinical tests for nerves and cryptogram puzzle of nerves (Washington U)

More detail cranial nerves, but some missing (Yale Medical)

Review with photos of nerves in skull--check out branches of Trigeminal (Loyola)

Nice details on retina from University of Utah--great views through ophthalmoscope of retina

Incredible details on the retina (plus overview of eye anatomy)--whole University of Utah eye center site)

Incredible detail on hearing function (Michael Mann)


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