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  1. Basic Principles of Genetics from Palomar College [link]
  2. Introduction to Mendelian genetics and inheritance from Maricopa Community College [link]
  3. Mendelian genetics, genetic crosses problem set and sex-linked traits from University of Arizona [link]


  1. Physiology of color vision from Howard Hughes Medical Center [link]
  2. Simple family tree with inheritance of color-blind trait from University of Arizona [link]
  3. The Causes of Color--a website about color vision, color in art and color blindness [link]
  4. Hidden Talent--this page is full of color blind tests [link]
  5. Colors for the color-blind--website design and color charts for color-blind people [link]
  6. PowerPoint with detailed pedigree/genetic cross color blind example and lots of background [PPT download]

SICKLE CELL ANEMIA EXAMPLE (also saw with Blood topic)

  1. Sickle cell anemia overview [link]
  2. Animated video of Plasmodium life cycle [link]
  3. Read background and see video about relation between malaria and sickle cell anemia in West Africa [link]
  4. Do this self-guided tutorial on sickle cell anemia and its relationship with malaria--I suggest doing it step by step and really trying to answer the questions. It's a great review on genetics, some cell and molecular biology and evolution by point mutations in DNA. [link]







Ethan White website--allometry and ecological patterns [link]

James Brown website [link]





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