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How Much is Enough...


 How Much Is Enough?

--how scale and quantity affect quality of life--


How much is too little?     How much is too much?    What is the right amount?   How much is enough?


As humanity reaches it population peak during this century, an increasingly urbanized, educated and tech-savvy world citizenry is creating more demand for consumer goods, energy and ideas.  In this milieu, one of the keys to quality of life will be the ability to analyze how amounts—scale and quantity—affect our quality of life?  Given the dominance of the consumerist mindset promoted by mainstream media and advertising, we need a multi-dimensional and all-encompassing outlet for developing other ways of determining what is the right amount.  We publish quick-works—text, image, audio, video and more—that address the core “enough” theme from multiple perspectives, including scientific, historical, artistic, economic, ecological, social, medical, ethical, practical, philosophical and more.  Whereas the material world, including consumer goods, housing, public spaces, present limitless topics for this kind of analysis, equally important will be social, spiritual and intellectual entities such as conversation, education, time, contemplation and more.

Based at Miami Dade College’s Earth Ethics Institute, we seek contributions from faculty, students and beyond.  We envision image, audio and video, with limited editing, from classroom and campus projects that relate to the core principle of how scale and quantity affect quality of life, but will accept any thoughtful piece related to the core concept of “Enough.”

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Contact:  Larry M Frolich, Ph.D.     Miami Dade College     Wolfson Campus      Natural Sciences     (305) 237-7589    e-mail  

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