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Please submit your own essay, video, podcast, sound-bite, photo, or other insightful, and enciteful "Enough" topic. 
After review, and small edits, we'll post and see what the public has to say.

E-mail your submission, preferably in a form that can be edited, to Larry Frolich at lfrolich@mdc.edu
[DESIGN NOTE:  this should be an interactive form to upload ideas.  Should they upload automatically?  Can it easily include WYSIWYG, video audio?  Or should we just hvae PDF text and image essays?  Should it post automatically and instantly, or have editorial review?  If it posts automatically, what info from authors do we require?]

By sending your submission, you are giving us permission to post as part of the Creative Commons

Contact:  Larry M Frolich, Ph.D.     Miami Dade College     Wolfson Campus      Natural Sciences     (305) 237-7589    e-mail  

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